Cybercrime is spreading at an alarming rate and has become a global multi-billion-dollar criminal operation. Every day cyber criminals develop new and more advanced means for online attacks. They employ malicious software such as Trojans and continually seek to disrupt critical online transactions. While banks and their customers are most often the target, malicious attacks have spread to the online gaming and gambling industries as well as many public institutions. In fact, all organizations using internet for the communication of sensitive information are prey to the ever-growing threat.


The call for a new security paradigm

Cybercrime and cyber spying cost the US economy enormous amounts of money. Online banking alone loses an estimated 3-4 billion dollars per year as a result of hacker attacks. A new security paradigm is needed in the fight against cybercrime. Enterprises and organizations can no longer afford to remain one or more steps behind hackers.


Unfortunately in the war on cybercrime, end users often compound the challenge. Many customers are unwilling to take security measures such as installing or downloading a security application when interacting with a website. In the case of online banking, customers often feel they have nothing to gain from securing their online session, as any potential loss in many countries will be covered by the bank.


Securing you and your customer’s online session

CodeSealer enables banks and companies to add a secure layer of protection for online sessions without the end-user needing to take action. In fact, the customer does not even know CodeSealer security software is running. Banks and organizations no longer need to rely on their customer to secure his own device, CodeSealer does it for them.


CodeSealer is the only IT security company to enable secure sessions without any end-user effort required. In a market where customer loyalty means everything, CodeSealer creates a very important competitive parameter for your organization.


Discover how CodeSealer can help your organization face these challenges.


Industry-leading session security

CodeSealer is specialized in securing sensitive data transfer and protecting sensitive information online such as online money transactions. We create an always-secure end-to-end session to protect transactions from your website via any device used to access it. We enable a secure session regardless of whether the accessing device has its own security protection or not. Our security solutions remain completely invisible to the end-users, negating the risk of customer dissatisfaction or churn due to, for example, a complex end-user installation process.


Whenever a password or a login is needed, information is worth protecting and a CodeSealer solution is essential. We ensure that you achieve the highest level of web security to gain and maintain the trust of your customers.


In the financial sector, CodeSealer enables banks to guarantee secure online banking for their customers from the moment they access the online bank. However, any online business operating with money or confidential information will benefit from CodeSealer’s solutions.


For example, the online gaming and gambling industry can securely exchange information with their customers using CodeSealer’s solutions. In essence, when a secure online session is required, CodeSealer protects it.


Hassle-free end-user experience

Enabling secure sessions without interrupting the end-user - your customer’s experience, is essential. CodeSealer’s unique solutions automatically run on the end-user’s device with no additional action needed from them. All CodeSealer solutions remain completely invisible to the end-user and are active only as long as the secure session lasts. CodeSealer’s solutions provide total control of your website security without disrupting the end-user experience.

CodeSealer protects against


Man-in-the-browser attacks

Man-in-the-middle attacks

Session hijacking


THE story


In 2006, CodeSealer founder, Martin Boesgaard, began developing a unique security technology initially designed to protect online banking against cyber threats. His ground-breaking technology developed into the CodeSealer Web Session Firewall - our patented solution that protects web sessions and online transactions from malicious software and attacks.


Boesgaard’s solution was clearly ahead of its time. As threat scenarios became more sophisticated and cybercrime increased dramatically, CodeSealer attracted venture capital that since has been applied to accelerate the development of the technology and the company.


From its launch, CodeSealer has focused primarily on the online banking sector. The banking industry has a great need for security. Banks must be in total control of web security and cannot be dependent on an end-user’s device security.


CodeSealer’s core technology provides:

• secure sessions regardless of the security level of the accessing device

• a solution which does not require any action from the end-user

• a solution completely invisible to the end-users

• compatibility with all browsers

• security on any device


As eCommerce continues to grow, other industries now take advantage of our Web Session Firewall solutions. In fact, any organization that depends on a secure communication with end-users via a browser will benefit from the Web Session Firewall.


When a password is required on a website, there is information worth protecting. CodeSealer Web Session Firewall provides an always-secure session.


CodeSealer, an international IT security company, with headquarters in Denmark, specializes in invisible end-to-end web security. CodeSealer created the world’s first and only web session solution not requiring any end-user involvement and protecting even against unknown malwares.



Our passion is to enable online businesses to add an entirely new level of security – protecting themselves and their end-users against cybercrime. Our solutions are unique because they protect end-to-end: from server to browser with no end-user installation required. Upon deployment, our solutions enable 100 percent guaranteed coverage while remaining completely invisible to the end-user.
End-to-end security that eliminates the risk of customer dissatisfaction due to, for example, a complex end-user installation process.



CodeSealer is an IT security company with headquarters in Denmark. CodeSealer specializes in securing the interaction between websites and end-users. CodeSealer created the world’s first and only web session firewall that does not require any end-user involvement. The company is driven by innovation and the highest standards of quality. We continually strive to lead the market with
our innovative solutions that help our customers prevent cybercrime.


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Hans Middelburg – CEO

Hans has been CEO at CodeSealer since February 2013. Hans is responsible for expanding CodeSealer’s strong position as experts in securing sensitive content on websites. Hans has extensive international experience with over
30 years in management for companies such as Xerox, StorageTek, BMC Software, RES Software and EMC.

Tonny Rabjerg – CIO

With more than 30 years of experience working with application development within companies such as SAS, Amadeus, Star Alliance and Danske Bank,
Tonny Rabjerg has a broad international leadership experience within IT. In his latest role, Tonny was responsible for
the establishment of Danske Bank’s IT and Support Services India and
Danske Bank sourcing in India,

managing over 850 people.

Elisabeth Harton Reichwald – CFO

Elisabeth has extensive experience working for companies such as Dansk Datamatik Center, C.W. Obel, and most recently, Deloitte, where she was responsible for financial reporting and administrative functions. Elisabeth holds a bachelor degree in finance from Copenhagen Business School.


Flemming L. Jensen

Chairman of the Board

Flemming is CEO at Atos IT Solutions and Services in Denmark. Flemming has more than 20 years of executive experience from leading IT and financial institutions. He had a 18 year career in A.P Møller Mærsk, and is the former CEO of DM Data and PBS (now part of Nets), the largest electronic payment provider in Denmark.

Peter Ravn

Member of the Board

Peter is a professional board member. After 11 years as CEO of SimCorp A/S and more than 25 years with the company, Peter stepped down in August 2012 to build a portfolio of non-executive board positions. Peter currently holds several chairmanships and board positions in companies such as Systematic, Stibo and Danske Commodities.

Lars Andersen

Member of the Board

Lars’ insight and network is garnered from more than 15 years of experience in the international ICT industry, including CEO for Columbus IT, a company of more than 1000 employees. Lars is an expert in the fields of internationalization, sales and management. And he has played a pivotal role in the exits of companies like Fullrate and AudioAsics.

Jesper Roested

Member of the Board

Jesper is investment director for VF Venture, Vækstfonden. Jesper has broad experience in business development and management. He has served as CEO of 3D-Danish Diagnostic Development, VP business development of MC2 Biotek and management consultant at McKinsey & Co. Jesper is presently on the board of several companies within the fields of medical technology and IT.

Lars Staal Wegner

Member of the Board

Lars began his career as an MD specializing in gastroenterology. After moving to the business-side, he began working for Pfizer. In 2007, he joined Bavarian Nordic, where he is currently vice president of Commercial Affairs. Lars has a broad international sales and marketing experience. He is currently chairman of the board at Byform Aps.




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