Invisible end-to-end User Interface Protection for Finance

Go beyond proactive protection with a unique web security solution to eliminate Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser vulnerabilities for every customer.

Recognized in Gartner Inc. “Financial Fraud Detection Strategy” for our User Interface Protection

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A simply different solution

Protects the customer and your business

Invisible to the user

No customer installation

100% customer coverage

Protects across all devices and platforms

Protects infected devices

Provides forensic reports & data

Protects against unknown malware

Seamless user experience

CodeSealer is completely invisible for to the end-user. With no installation required by the customer, they are unlikely to realise that they are enjoying an additional layer of security.

Total protection

CodeSealer safeguards all type of devices for all types of web application, covering normal web pages and also apps built using HTML and Web View. It works on all operating systems, allows traffic from all type of browsers, and even secures infected devices when they visit your site or app.

Unlike many solutions, your customers won’t be vulnerable to zero-day attacks – CodeSealer protection covers even unknown and undefined attack vectors.

Hassle-free implementation

With our unique solution, there’s no need for any installation on end-user devices. CodeSealer is deployed at the company's existing infrastructure, for easy maintenance and no expensive investment.

CodeSealer can be installed on all major server platforms. It’s completely invisible on the application and requires no integration.

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GDPR is coming – be ready

GDPR compliance is essential for any business handling EU consumer data. Adding CodeSealer to your security arsenal is an effort-free way to improve your customer data protection, safeguard against man-in-the middle attacks, and be ready for the new EU data regulation.

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About us

CodeSealer has been part of a sector solution for over 3 years, today processing more than 30 million transactions per day.

Our solution differs from others on the market, using obfuscation, session keys, encryption beyond SSL/TLS and constant monitoring of events and actions in the browser and session. And where other solutions require constant updates of signatures and lists, CodeSealer reduces maintenance costs significantly.

Protect your business – maintain trust

Don't be part of the 80% leaving customers vulnerable to the rising risk of content manipulation and in-browser incidents.

Find out how to safeguard yours and prevent irreversible loss of customer trust – without compromising user experience.

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